Pouch Sterilization Flat

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*Product Name: Pouches Sterilization Reels.

* Base: Medical Paper and Film.

* Specifications: 7,5 cm , 10 cm , 15 cm ,20 cm ,25 cm ,30 cm ,40 cm .

*All required sizes are available

*Product Feature:

*Medical Paper provides Maximum Safety.

*All Imprint are Located outside The Packaging Area to prevent Ink Pigment

Migration to The Product.

*Transparent , Multilayer Co- Polymer Film allows easy Identification.

*Reinforced Film to avoid Tear during Opening.

*Superior Barrier and Quality with 60 g  Medical Craft paper.

*Indicators which are Water Based, Non Toxic and give Accurate Result

for Steam and EO gas.

*Strong Seal Strength ,Visible Sealing Lines.

*All Materials Comply with The International Standard.

* Opening Direction marked.

*Conformity with MDD93/42/EEC.

Note: according to Customer Requirements, Customized Various Sizes.